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There is never a time in one’s life where weight is not a concern. Some people have the burden of being too skinny, while others have too much fat on their body. When the latter is your concern, the time has come for you to reconfigure your lifestyle to a healthier situation. If this is your current dilemma, read on for some tips to get you started down the road to a healthier weight.

Step one is to get rid of your “fat clothes”. Having these in your closet is like giving yourself permission to put on weight. Every time you see them, they’ll bring back negative memories. Negative situations put you in a funk, and emotional eating is always a bad idea. Instead, keep the clothes you wear at your current weight and replace them as you drop the inches. Soon enough, you’ll have a sleek, sexy wardrobe and no material memories of your larger days.

Next, it’s time to downsize your dishes. Large plates make your mind think they should be heaping full of food. Use smaller plates, such as lunch-sized dishes, and your mind will think you’re full after eating far less food. On top of that, use white dishes as they always look fuller than they truly are. Lastly, choose a plate with a scalloped edge at least 3″ thick as your mind won’t think food should be there, allowing you to put even less on your plate without feeling hungry when done.

Once you’ve eaten, take two hours off. Don’t eat anything else until you’ve allowed your body to realize your stomach is full. If you’re eating every 2 hours, you should never feel hungry. Remember that you should only eat 1-2 cups of food if you are eating this frequently. If you feel hungry right after a meal, have a tall glass of water – it is likely that you’re actually thirsty.

Two thirds of your plate should be made up by vegetables. Include raw vegetables, such as a salad, or steamed. You should also be eating a rainbow of vegetables every week, including red tomatoes, orange carrots, yellow zucchini, green leafy vegetables and purple options like eggplant, onions or potatoes. When you eat many different colors, you’re ensuring that you get all the nutrients your body needs. Do the same thing with fruit and you’ll feel amazing in no time.

Keep a diet diary and identify the unhealthy things you’re eating and drinking. One by one, replace them with something equally enjoyable, but healthier. For example, if you eat a chocolate bar every day, replace it with two chocolate-dipped strawberries. Next, make it every other day. Your goal is to have dessert-like treats only on the weekend, giving you something to look forward to. If you like fried chicken, replace it with grilled. Over time, replace one meal of grilled chicken with grilled fish. It may take a few years to make all the dietary changes necessary, but it will be worth it once you do.

Every step listed here should be brought into your lifestyle one by one. Take your time to adjust to each before moving on to the next. Once you’ve completed all of these steps, find more online and continue to tweak your life. As you take these small steps, the weight will drop off and you’ll feel great.

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