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Any weight loss program needs a healthy diet to support it. With so many food choices out there, what foods give you the most nutrients for every calorie you consume? You certainly want to avoid those foods with empty calories, like candy, cookies, chips and other types of junk food. Even with non-junk foods, there are choices that are more appropriate for a low-calorie, healthy diet. Read this article for some suggestions.

Your body needs protein for healthy cell growth. Sources of protein are dairy products and meats. Choose options that are low in fat, like low-fat milk. As for meats, beef is higher in saturated fats than poultry or fish. If you like beef, however, choose cuts that are lean and have little marbling. Turkey and chicken are very high in protein, and the white meat is very low in fat, making this an ideal choice for meats. Do not forget about fish. Fish has the least amount of fat among all meats, ounce per ounce. In addition, the fats from fish are healthy fats, full of of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to your heart health. Good options for fish include wild salmon, tuna, and sardines.

Your diet should be full of dark, leafy green vegetables. Veggies have no fat, and therefore extremely low in calories. Plus, they are full of vitamin B and micro nutrients. You can make a huge variety of delicious salads with a bed of leafy green veggies and low-cal toppings. Just use salad dressing sparingly and you can have delicious healthy salads that are perfect for your diet.

There are foods that actually give you negative calories. That means it takes more calories to digest the food than the calories actually contained in the food. These foods belong mainly in the fruit and vegetable families. Examples of this type of food are apples, strawberries, citrus fruits, carrots, spinach, and a whole slew of other choices. Eat these foods raw to get the maximum negative calorie benefits.

People often omit nuts from their diet because they fear the high fat content in nuts. Although nuts are high in fat, the fat is the healthy type. Also, nuts make good snacks because it only takes a few nuts to satisfy your hunger. You get rich nutrients from packed in each nut you eat. So, do not be afraid to eat nuts.

Egg whites are a rich source of protein, and it is fairly low in fat. Fat and cholesterol in eggs mainly come from the egg yolk. So, you can still have eggs for breakfast as part of a low-cal diet. Just stick with egg whites.

Beans are also a good alternative for protein if you choose not to eat meat. They are low in fat and versatile in the ways you can prepare them.

These foods are perfect for you if you want want lose weight quickly. Just make sure that your diet is balanced, and you can shed those pounds in the most healthy way.

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