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No book or methodology or supplement program is going to make weight loss quick and easy. You have to take matters into your own hands and find ways to work exercise into your day, and to alter your diet in a way that is both reasonable and results in steady weight loss over a period of time. These tips are offered to help you find ways that will work for you.

Our busy, sedentary lives are one of the reasons we have gained weight. You can’t quit your desk job in order to have time for exercise. You need to fit exercise into the nooks and crannies of your regular life. If you really think about it, you will find many small ways to do this. Always park your car at the far end of the parking lot from your office or from a store. That extra block or two of walking will add up. Dedicate part of your coffee break and lunch hour to a walk up and down the halls or up and down the stairwell. If you can, always use the stairs instead of an elevator.

Always pack your own lunch instead of buying food at work. You can pack a really healthy, balanced meal–instead of the fast food or cafeteria food you would have to buy at work. You will also save money. You don’t have to eat a cold lunch. Pack a thermos full of hot soup. A vegetable soup is one of a dieter’s best friends. Include some crunchy carrot or celery sticks, and yogurt with a little fruit. It is easy to make your own yogurt at home. Look up a recipe on the Internet. Use 1% milk and add only low-sugar fruit to the yogurt, and a few nuts. You will be avoiding all the sugar and additives in those small containers of commercial yogurt and, again, you will save a lot of money.

Because of past discouragement with weight loss diets, many people avoid counting their calorie intake and weighing themselves regularly. But you need to keep track of how you are doing. Keeping a log book of what you eat, the number of calories and the time of day will help you adjust your diet and make it more effective. It also helps keep you on track. It is harder to eat a forbidden snack if you have to write it down!

There is not a lack of books to read or information offered online or advice from friends about dieting. In fact, there is an over-supply. Read widely, give it some thought, and using past experience you can decide what methods work for you. Then stick with them consistently and you should be rewarded with steady weight loss. Don’t keep changing from one thing to another. Especially ignore the fad diets that keep coming along.

Eliminate refined sugars as much as possible. Sugar is addictive, so you may have to do this gradually. But until you do, you dieting will be less effective than it should be. Why make a big effort to reduce portion size and keep 5 hours between meals, only to ruin it by indulging in sugars? There are better substitutes for sugar now, such as stevia. If you feel you need some intense sugar experience once in a while, have real natural sugars such as honey or maple syrup that are unrefined. Refined sugar is the big culprit when it comes to producing cravings that undermine your diet.

Use these tips to help plan a diet that will really work: one that is actually pleasant and sustainable.

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