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Do you want to get fit and toned, but don’t have the money for an expensive weight bench and weights? Fear not! You can find everything you need to get fit in your house. The following article will show you where to look for the equipment you need to develop a workout routine that will get you into shape quickly!

Do you want to begin lifting weights, but don’t have the money to buy weights? You can find exactly what you need in your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator. A gallon weighs approximately 8 pounds. When you finish a gallon of milk, save the empty milk jug and fill it with water. Milk jugs offer handy hand holds making them the perfect thing to use when lifting weights.

To use your new weights, simply fill two milk jugs with water and screw the lids on tightly. Then begin doing a variety of lifting exercises. For example, you can hold the milk jugs and do bicep curls, shoulder lifts and squats.

Another thing that you can use around the house to help you get fit is a kitchen chair. Hold onto the chair and do leg lifts. The chair helps you keep your balance and is the perfect height.

Grab a thick book and use it to help you develop well defined calf muscles. Place the book behind one of your kitchen chairs. Grasp the back of the chair as you step onto the book. Scoot the back of your heels off of the book and gently lower your heels toward the floor. Then raise yourself up as high as you can on your tiptoes. This will stretch and work the front and back of your calf muscles.

Instead of a yoga mat you can use a folded comforter or sleeping bag. This will give you the necessary padding for those floor exercises. When choosing a comforter or sleeping bag, avoid those that have a silky finish because it will make you slide around as you are trying to work out.

Grab your iPod and crank up the tunes! If you do not have an iPod, crank up your stereo. Play upbeat music and begin dancing. Dance is one of the best cardio routines available.

In your bathroom, you can grab a large towel to help stretch and strengthen your back and stomach muscles. Roll the towel until it is easy to grasp. Then, hold each end in your hands. Raise your hands above your head and lean as far as you can to the right and hold for the count of three. Then, stand up straight. Finally, lean as far as you can to the right and hold for another count of three. This exercise will help whittle your waist down.

Many people cannot afford a weight bench and free weights. There are things around your house that you can use in place of fitness equipment. By following the advice listed above, you can begin developing a fitness routine using things around your house. Soon, you will be in shape and feel amazing, thanks to odds and in found around your home.

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