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When it comes to shedding pounds, sometimes fancy diets and fads are touted. Let’s get real – if they were so great, they’d be more than a fad, right? Keep it simple, silly! Let’s get down to the basics of losing weight.

How much weight you put on depends on how much and what you eat, then how much energy you expend. If you eat a bucket of fried chicken and sit on the couch all night, you will put on weight. If you eat a salad with grilled chicken and then run a marathon, you will lose weight. If you keep this in mind as you make your food and physical choices, you will lose weight. Period.

How much activity you need to lose weight depends on your body. Everyone is different, so you need to monitor yourself and keep pushing your limits. Don’t overdo it at first, take it nice and slow, but continue to ramp up your physical activity until you find your weight is flying off.

What you need to eat and how much also depends on your body. Those with a slower, more comprehensive metabolism will need to avoid foods with sugar or fat in them as their body will take it all in. Try out different food combinations and see what works for you, documenting it all in a diet diary. When you know what you’re eating and how it affects your health, sense of well-being and weight loss goals, you can start to eat right.

There are so many things on processed foods to monitor, such as sodium, sugar, and fat levels, that it just becomes too hard. Don’t eat that crap. It’s as simple as making your own food. Bake bread, make salad dressing, create your own signature tomato sauce for whole wheat pasta. The more your make yourself, the more you can control what goes into your body – and the results will be astounding.

Make healthier choices not only at meals, but also when out and about. If you want to go to the corner store, don’t drive! If you want to get up to the 5th floor, take the stairs. When sitting at your computer, do some arm curls or leg lifts. Keep moving and your body will need to keep burning fat.

How else can you change your habits for the better? Ask friends and family what they’ve done to lose weight. Maybe they quit smoking or drinking, or they have a killer recipe for a low-fat Caesar dressing. The more you involve the advice of others, the easier the whole process will become for you.

There is no miracle, secret or advice which will help you lose weight overnight. You also will not find a tip which helps you lose weight without trying. There is a certain amount of effort needed on your part to burn fat and keep it off, but the end results are good health and happiness, which are both more than worth the effort!

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