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Weight loss shouldn’t be as complicated as most people (or advertisers) make it out to be! It’s really a basic problem with basic solutions, and as long as you use common sense and self-control, your efforts should eventually lead to success. Read on for simple tips for successful weight loss.
1. Be realistic with your weight loss goals. Set your ultimate goal according to a healthy standard, based on medical recommendations. Have short-term incremental goals that help you reach that coveted end-goal. If your goals are unrealistic, you could be setting yourself up for discouragement and possibly give up.
2. Keep track with a weight loss journal. Numerous studies strongly indicate that those people who keep a journal lose more weight and keep it off; write in yours every day and include all that you ate, how much and your exercises. You can see what works and what doesn’t and plan your success accordingly.
3. Get support. People who have a support network are also much more likely to succeed in their weight loss efforts, especially when that support comes from close friends or family. Tell the people nearest to you about your ambitions and let their enthusiastic encouragement propel you to weight loss success!
4. Clean your entire house out of bad foods. Having anything around that could be tempting could prove disastrous after a particularly stressful day; get everything out of the fridge, pantry and cabinets that could prove dangerous to your dietary efforts at any time.
5. Watch portion sizes. Often times it’s not what you eat, but how much of it. Use smaller plates to help you judge adequate portions better and learn to listen to your body when it tells you that you are full. You may be inclined to eat emotionally or over-indulge simply because you feel deprived by mealtime. Whatever is causing unhealthy eating habits in the first place, portion control should be able to eliminate.
6. Keep fruits that are quick to eat around. When hunger strikes, people tend to reach for a quick fix and that’s where our problems with junk food comes in; chips are a cinch to open and consume, whereas a healthy salad involves a few minutes of prep time. Keep bananas, grapes and any other fast fruit around that you can use quickly to satisfy urges.
7. Eliminate liquid calories. Unless you are enjoying healthy smoothies, you’re probably getting only empty or counterproductive calories from your beverages. Things like soda and lattes are loaded with sugar, and even juice is danger in disguise unless it contains 100 percent fruit without added sweeteners (especially high-fructose corn syrup.) On an annual basis, people consume an astronomical amount of calories from drinks alone; avoid this danger.
8. Begin each meal with water and slow the pace of your eating. Water curbs cravings immediately and can cap any out of control hunger. Approach your meal like nutritional fortification in a very deliberate and calculated manner; take small bites, chew them well and put your fork down before reaching for another bite. You will feel full and satisfied at the appropriate time and not be inclined to overeat.
Use these tips to add common sense and stability to your weight loss efforts; success will come eventually!

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