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Losing weight is really not a complicated process. The problem that most people face when they want to lose weight is that they want fast results with little effort. They want their weight-loss solution in a pill. Fad diets not only do not work, but they are often unhealthy. If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you have to stick to healthy choices. This article will help you get started in losing those extra pounds safely and permanently.

Before you make any changes to your diet, you should find out exactly how much you weigh and what your measurements are. This will be your point of reference when you want to evaluate your progress. Knowing how much you weight and what you were before you start your program will help you in your determination on how effective your weight-loss approach is.

Set yourself some goals in your weight-loss program. Start with setting a long-term goal. This can be something like losing twenty pounds in six months and keeping the pounds off for the rest of year. Then, set yourself short-term goals that move toward the long-term goal. This can be a weekly or bi-weekly goal of losing a certain number of pounds. Every time you reach your short-term goal, reward yourself with a small, non-food prize. This will encourage you to continue to your next short-term goal.

Weight loss results when you are taking in less calories than what you are burning off. In order to keep track of the calories that you are consuming, get a journal where you can record all of the foods that you eat during the day. Write down the approximate calorie count if possible. This will help you see if you are sticking to a sensible diet during this time.

Eliminate anything in your diet that only provides empty calories. Start with sodas and other beverages that are high in sugar. These have no nutritional value and will only give you a sugar rush. Instead, drink ice water with a twist of lemon.

Increase the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits that you eat everyday. When you increase your portions in this food group, you can decrease the amount in the meat group which is higher in fats. Eating more vegetables will help you maintain fullness because many vegetables are high in fiber.

Exercise more everyday. This can be as simple as walking more during the course of the day. Park farther away from entrances to make yourself walk more. During lunch at work, spend twenty minutes to eat, then use the rest of the time to take a walk. Walk up the stairs when you can instead of taking the elevator.

If you have a friend who is also interested in losing weight, consider forming a buddy system. You can check in and encourage each other in your weight-loss efforts. Getting that bit of encouragement is often helpful to get over the humps.

These steps are straightforward and effective. Consider this approach if you want to lose the excess weight permanently.

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