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It can be unsettling to get a diagnosis of diabetes from your doctor, especially if you have not been having any symptoms. You might think your life has to change drastically, but that is not always the case. To get through life with diabetes, you do need to keep some things in mind though. Here are just a few of the issues you should consider and think about as you start to live with your diabetes diagnosis.

Of course, at first, you need to think about food. What will you eat? There are dozens of diabetic cookbooks, but they all say this: watch your carbs and portion sizes. This can be something you take care of right away. Look at the food you have in your house, and start reading labels. You want to especially pay attention to the amount of sugar in the food you eat. Sugar is the ingredient that can make it terrible for you to eat. Stick with foods that are low in sugar. If you find that you have a piece of bread or other carb item, make sure that you pair it with a protein so that your blood sugar levels don’t go sky high.

Start thinking about some form of exercise. This is important because exercise helps stabilize your blood sugar levels. Not only that, but exercise helps you with a number of other physical ailments. It’s critical to have some kind of exercise regiment in place, even if it doesn’t sound very fun. Just take it a step at a time. For example, if you can only walk down your block, do that. Soon you’ll be able to go miles and miles. It’s a matter of getting started. Don’t talk yourself out of something that can help your diabetes and your life.

You can also start to really consider the stress in your life. Stress can affect you physically as well as mentally. Most people are not aware of that fact. And if you are stressed out, it will be more stressful to deal with a new disease. That’s why it’s imperative that you identify the stress in your life and start to come up with smart ways to handle them. This will calm you and you will be able to deal with your diabetes much easier.

You need to also make sure that you are taking your medication. You may not want to, and you may think that you don’t have to take it every single time your doctor suggested. However, when you are noncompliant with your treatment, you are only harming yourself. Talk to your doctor about what you must absolutely do, and go from there.

Hopefully, you are now starting to understand what you need to concern yourself with as a new diabetic. There is no reason that you can’t start use the tips in this article today, so that you can get things under control as soon as possible. You’ll find that living with diabetes is a lot like your old life, except that you are living in a healthier way. That can be a benefit for you going forward.

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