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With today’s stressful work routine and family life it might be hard to find personal time to exercise. Well weight loss could be just as simple as changing your diet. After all a beloved German ex governor of California said that 90% of weight loss is what you eat.
Do you ever ask yourself? Why am I struggling with being overweight? I notice that people tend to be more overweight then our animal neighbors and this has me scratching my head asking why? Well the answer here is simple. Chimps, apes, elephants and bears tend to have a more natural diet. They don’t consume any of the processed junk that has recently been added back into the american diet through the repurchase of hostess.
I mean just think about it? You never see animals twice their expected body weight like you do humans. Have you recently when you went to the zoo? No I don’t think you have. It would be hard for me to imagine that you just happened upon an ostrich in the zoo who was to overweight to fly and in need of a serious weight loss treatment plan like many adults are in this present day.
This is all because we do not eat enough untampered with food. Humans have distorted food into food like products. We all can admit that these products often taste better but do not help us fuel our search for weight loss.If there are any ingredients on your food that you can not pronounce don’t eat it. There should only be one ingredient listed on your food for you to consider it natural enough for you to eat.
We should take from our animal friends example and give up processed food entirely. Just the way that the chimps do who we see swing in the zoo. Maybe if people eat a more radical diet of natural nutrition we would be able to see similar physical abilities come from them.
But that’s not as important as the ultimate dream of just encouraging weight loss.If more Americans achieved weight loss then their would be ample more energy around. Once everyone is more energetic then work productivity would shoot through the roof. This would create a Utopian society of capitalism. If everyone was fit and fired up to work then their would be no need for welfare. Therefore we should switch all Americans to an all natural diet. It really is to help add the fight to stop communism. What’s more important then that?
We will also be able to better defend our self’s from the communist once we are all fit. They are all lazy Frito chip eating hippies so this should not prove to be to much of a challenge. This is all done by eating an all natural diet. Don’t let those darn hippies fool you. Non organic veggies and fruit have the exact same nutritional value as organic fruit. Its just away for the grocery stores to rob you of a little cash.
So what you need to take from this is that weight loss is important for the future of america! The best way to change yourself is to change what you eat.

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