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For some of us, these days the words weight loss is a scary concept, as human beings who are faced with a vast amount of food and obesity knocking on our door on a daily basis. we tend to turn to things that can be potentially dangerous for us. like all of these diet pills that are being advertised on television they tell you all the good things that they can offer for you but forget to mention all the harmful effects of these pills but some people are actually suckers into thinking they actually work for them. because they are so brain washed into thinking that being thin is in from watching all of these super skinny models on TV. they give us women the idea that if your not thin your not beautiful but they are wrong in their thought processes. all we have to do is change our way of thinking as long as you eat healthy and exercise at least 20 minutes a day then we can be happy with our body image and not feel ashamed with ourselves every time we pick up a piece of cake.building a healthy life style is a choice we all should make at one point or another in our life time it will keep us from visiting the doctor every month because we are having a problem with high blood pressure, or we are experiencing heart problems these can be avoided if we just take the time to make little changes to are meals why not change your whole milk to skim milk the flavor just changed slightly but not enough to know the difference and you still get your calcium and when it comes to your breakfast time why not try whole wheat toast instead of white bread. whole grains are better for you and gives you a healthy heart and will lower your blood pressure in the process and you can switch to cream cheese instead of butter less fattening it’s basically about watching your calories and portion control if we start with these two basic things we will be on the way to a healthy life and we can take the time to show our children how to do the same thing. teaching them at an early age can be beneficial to them later on because it will teach them good eating habits that they can use as they grow into adulthood.but if you feel you need more in your life to help you loose those few extra pounds you can always go to the gym and hire a personal trainer who will give you that motivation that your looking for to push yourself to the point that you will loose more than expected. sometimes thats all it takes for us to realize we need to take responsibility for everything we do in our life. It’s all about the choices we make in our own lives that will prove to us that we can accomplish anything.

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