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As a diabetic, you are more than likely aware that taking good care of your feet is very important. If you need some help with your foot care regimen, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Diabetes can cause you to have a low blood pressure and to develop infections very easily. This could lead to some complications if you do not have a good hygiene or if you wear clothes or shoes that are too tight. Keep in mind that most complications can be avoided if you keep your blood sugar level under control. Check your sugar level regularly throughout your day and make sure it stays between 70 and 140 milligrams per deciliter.

You should inspect your feet once a day. If you notice some small cuts, treat them immediately. Disinfect the area and apply a clean band aid. Change the band aid regularly and apply more disinfectant if needed. If the cut is deep, go see your doctor to make sure it is properly cleaned and bandaged. If you notice some bruises on your feet, apply a soothing cream and check the bruised area often to make sure the bruises are not spreading.

Wearing some comfortable shoes will make a real difference. Tight shoes can keep your blood from properly circulating. High heels are definitely not a good options. You should also avoid open toe shoes to reduce the chances of cutting your feet. Wear shoes at all time to keep your feet protected, even when you are at home. When shopping or shoes, take the time to try different pairs and walk around to make sure they are very comfortable. If you have very sensitive feet, wear special medical shoes. You should always wear comfortable socks made from natural fibers.

It is very important to take good care of your toenails. Check your toenails everyday and trim them when needed. You should cut them straight and file the edges very carefully. Invest in some quality manicure instruments so you can keep your toenails short. It is best not to cut your cuticles. If you get an ingrown toe nail, it is best to meet with a foot care specialist. Disinfect the area to prevent an infection from appearing until the ingrown toe nail is gone.

Adopt an excellent hygiene. Do not hesitate to change your socks during the day and keep the inside of your shoes clean. Clean your feet twice a day with some mild soap and warm water. When you are done washing, pat your feet gently with a clean towel. You should then apply some skin lotion under your feet and massage your feet to improve circulation. Do not use lotion in between your toes or you could get athlete’s foot. You should put some socks and protective shoes on as soon as you are done washing your feet.

Follow these foot care tips to prevent complications. If you run into a problem, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist right away to get your feet checked.

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