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There are quite a few myths and excuses that people use to avoid exercising for weight loss and overall fitness. The fact of the matter is, it is very easy to get enough exercise to help you stay fit in everyday life. In this article we will discuss some of the more prominent reasons people put forth for avoiding exercise and give you good suggestions to help you overcome these obstacles.

Many people don’t exercise for weight loss because they say that they’re too busy and that there just isn’t enough time in the day. In fact, no matter how busy you are you can choose to exercise. Whenever you are doing something sedentary, think of something active you can add to it. For example, instead of sitting on the sofa to watch television, stand up and do some squats. Keep a set of dumbbells close at hand so that you can do a few curls and other light weight work. When you are at work or out shopping, choose to use the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator. Stair climbing is excellent exercise, and you should take advantage of it whenever you can.

The notion that you must exercise for half an hour to forty-five minutes at a time at least three times a week is not true. While it is recommended that people exercise for a couple of hours a week, you don’t have to do it all at the same time. You can exercise for ten, fifteen or twenty minutes here and there to come up with a total of a couple of hours a week.

Lots of people say that they don’t have enough money to exercise, but this is just plain silly. You can jump rope, bicycle, walk and dance in the privacy of your own home. It doesn’t cost anything at all so you might as well stop using that excuse. You can also check out exercise DVDs from the library or watch and participate in exercise videos online.

Older adults often feel that exercise is for young people, but this is absolutely untrue! There are many forms of exercise that are excellent for older people. Among them are the three forms of exercise just mentioned, walking, cycling and dancing at home. Yoga and Tai Chi are also an excellent forms of exercise for older people, and you can check out good videos at the library or find videos online.

Many people hate to sweat. If this is a case for you, choose forms of exercise that are not so uncomfortable. For example swimming is a very comfortable way to exercise. Water aerobics is a form of exercise that will not cause you to be uncomfortable because of sweat. When you ride a bicycle, the breeze will keep you cool. If you are doing an exercise video at home, be sure to have a fan turned on. There are many ways to exercise without being bothered by excessive sweating.

Quite a few women don’t exercise because they think that if they look all right they’re healthy. Many women put a lot of effort into dieting, weight loss and maintaining a particular size without thinking about their general overall health. It’s very important that you not only maintain a slim silhouette and a proper weight but also exercise regularly to keep your heart, lungs, bones and muscles in good shape. Weight bearing exercise helps build bone and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Women are often afraid of putting on muscle. Don’t worry that you will build up too much muscle by doing weight bearing exercises and weightlifting type exercises. Women do not naturally become excessively muscular from this type of activity. This has to do with the level of testosterone in the system. Men tend to bulk up, but women do not.

Finally, many people avoid exercise because they just think it will be hard. Exercise for weight loss and health maintenance can certainly be hard; however, it doesn’t have to be. Be sure to choose exercise activities that you enjoy. Going cycling or hiking, taking your dog for a walk, and horse back riding are all fun ways to exercise. When you choose forms of exercise that you enjoy, you are far more likely to stick with it and reap excellent results.

It’s easy to make excuses to avoid exercising for weight loss and health maintenance, but when you apply the tips presented here you’ll find it is just as easy to simply get out there and do it.

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