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Every dieter’s needs are different, but there are certain constants that must be adhered to in order to succeed with weight loss. These tips will help you meet your weight loss goals if followed consistently.

1. Make sure your goals are reasonable. Believing those ads that promise 25 pounds in 25 days is unrealistic. Set achievable goals each week and strive to meet them regularly.

2. Get yourself motivated. Put music on in the background to keep you moving, hang up a picture of yourself when you were a healthy weight or someone else who has the physique you are fighting for! Do what ever it takes to keep your motivation to lose weight sky-high.

3. Eat only when you are hungry and for no other reason. People tend to eat out of habit or convenience or even emotionally. Let yourself feel real hunger and then act appropriately. If you’re eating simply because it’s break or commercial time, you’re not going to lose the weight you want.

4. Give yourself non-food rewards for progress. A rewards based system should keep you on track with your goals, because they automatically motivate you. Take a weekend away at your favorite destination or let yourself buy that incredible pair of shoes when you’ve met goal for the month.

5. Write out your menu a week ahead of time. If you plan your meals, there should be no margin for error when it comes to calories and content. Know what you’ll have and when, and make sure everything you need to make the meal a success is on hand.

6. Keep something quick and low-cal with you at all times. Organic trail mix is a great pick-me-up that will work well with your metabolism. If you don’t account for bursts of unexpected hunger, you may find yourself cheating. Since a few snacks can ruin all of your efforts for the past week, you need to be ready with smart snacks at all times.

7. Discover your favorite exercise routine. Some routines are more dreaded than others, and you may actually find you enjoy a particular exercise in a particular setting. Jog a nature trail or turn your backyard into a fitness jungle-gym. Keep searching until you find a workout you will stick with.

8. Start out with a great breakfast. Calculate the contents of breakfast strategically, as this will set you up for success the whole day long! Eat only natural, high-powered foods that get you started on the right foot and feed your metabolism well, rather than weighing you down before noon.

9. Eat small frequent meals instead than three large ones. Experts recommend this habit for weight loss and it can be a great way for you to manage energy, intake and calories. What works well for your digestive system will be good for your weight loss efforts and help spread your total energy over the whole day. This will also prevent binging on things you’re trying to avoid.

You may be a unique individual, but your body responds the same way as everyone else. Learn from others and follow a regular eating routine with help from the above tips and you will meet your weight loss goals.

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