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Many people have the best of intentions when it comes to weight loss, but they never really get invested in the process because they feel it will be too difficult or that it will eat up too much of their free time. Although to a certain extent this is true (weight loss is not easy, by any means), it is possible to start an effective weight loss regimen that does not make you feel like everything else in your life has to come second. The following tips will point out a few simple ways that you can shed your extra weight and keep it off.

Rather than focusing on what you can’t eat, keep your mind on what you CAN eat. Start adding fruits and vegetables to your diet that you really like; for example, edamame makes a great snack and cherries can help satisfy your sweet tooth after a healthy lunch. It is, of course, important to be mindful of the amount of calories that you are eating each day, but as long as what you are adding is healthy, you shouldn’t have much of a problem. And, hopefully, once you have these extra foods in your diet, you be less likely to overindulge on junk food and other sweets.

Don’t worry about working out, per se. You don’t have to go to the gym to get into shape. Think about what you like to do that involves physical activity. For example, gardening is a great workout, as is taking a walk on the beach. Playing catch in the yard with your children allows you to get fresh air, bond and increase your heart rate all at the same time. Be creative; you can burn calories by doing things that you enjoy, as long as you are motivated to get up and get moving.

Walk as much as possible. If you have a riding lawn mower, get one that you have to push. If you are heading to the mall, park at the back of the lot and make sure you walk around the length of the mall a few extra times. Always choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Finally, turn the music on and dance while you are doing chores; you’d be surprised how tired you will feel at the end of your “workout” session! Every little thing that you do makes a difference; think through how you can add extra steps to your day. You can also try to add on a short daily walk every evening to round things out. Before you know it, you will be exercising for 30 minutes a day without every really thinking about it.

Weight loss is a little bit of an intimidating concept, but it shouldn’t be. There are a lot of ways to add activity into your day that don’t require the use of a gym. In addition, you don’t have to deprive yourself of food in order to slim down. Simply use the tips above, and you will slowly find yourself getting more in shape.

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