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Losing weight can be a winning battle if you have the motivation it takes to stick with it. While watching your body change for the better can really get you going, sometimes you hit a plateau and need a bit of a pick me up. The following tips and tricks will return you to the committed loser you want to be – loser of weight, that is!

Remembering why you want to lose weight can be hard when you are down. That means you need concrete, physical reminders. For example, keep a copy of a blood test which diagnoses you with diabetes. Have a photo of your loved ones who want you to be around for a long time to come. Keep a hospital bracelet to remind you of when you were having weight-related breathing problems. When you can see and feel the reasons why you need to get healthy, they become more real and more effective for motivation.

Losing weight has to be more than just being skinny. How you look is important, but it is never as important as how you feel. Your motivation has to come from frustration with health on top of your looks, be it getting winded as you climb the stairs or worry that you will develop diabetes or heart disease. That is motivation which you can count on!

That said, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t celebrate the new, hotter you! Figure out what your goal dimensions are and buy an outfit you want to fit into. Hang it prominently in your closet as a reminder not only of how great you will look, but that there will be a day when you can wear it. When you remember that your goals are waiting for you, you will be motivated.

When you reach a goal, celebrate it. If you have a reward on the horizon, you will be driven to reach it. For example, choose a restaurant where you can easily make healthy, but tasty, choices for a meal. When you reach a big goal, go out to dinner to celebrate. You can also set smaller goals with rewards, such as long, hot bath or investing in a massage.

When setting goals, you must keep them realistic. You are unlikely to lose 40 pounds in a month, for example, so aim lower. If you can reach your goals, they will be motivation. If you continually miss your goals, you will quickly be sapped of your will to try. Smaller goals are often easier to reach and will reward you rapidly, giving you small boosts in motivation which can keep you going day by day.

When you are down, call on a friend for help. You can literally call them on the phone when temptation is getting to you and they can talk you off the proverbial ledge. If you can exercise together, you will be more likely to go. Have them join you in your journey so that you can motivate each other to become better people.

If you are using these motivational tips, you can be a big loser! Losing weight is a journey which will last the rest of your life. Once the weight is gone, you will have to maintain the new you. Stay motivated, stay healthy, stay strong!

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