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Losing weight takes a combination of things going right in your life. Diet, exercise and other healthy habits will all work together to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Look over the following ways that little changes can add up to big differences.

1. Start walking. Walking will help you achieve a balance between calories consumed and calories burned. It’s a very dependable way to keep your weight loss intention going strong and also gives you fresh air and plenty of opportunity to socialize. Keep a brisk pace, and try to increase the distance you cover a little bit more each week.

2. Eat real fruit, rather than getting it in juice form. Unless it’s a really high-quality juice, it probably isn’t as beneficial for you as you might think. Eating fruit helps fill you up and provides you with a lot of basic nutritional elements your body needs to keep energy levels higher. Pick your favorites and always have them in the fridge at home and at work.

3. Skip the soft drinks. Soda is just sugar, flavoring and carbonated water. What good can come of consuming that? Because it’s a lot of empty calories, force yourself to break the habit of drinking these unhealthy beverages, even if you usually reach for a diet version. Replace the soda with water and you will put both your metabolism and weight loss plan on a much faster track.

4. Don’t sit idle for too long. Whether watching TV or surfing the Internet, staying still for extensive periods of time just isn’t good for you. Notice how you lose more and more energy the longer you sit there. People also tend to eat out of habit when they are engaged in a movie or aimlessly roaming the web. Set a time limit for yourself each day with these activities and your weight loss efforts will benefit.

5. Pause between each bite of food during meals. Slowing down will aid digestion and also give your brain time to signal to the rest of your body that you are actually full. Eating fast doesn’t leave much time for figuring out if you’re really still hungry or just gobbling away too quickly. Put your fork down after every bite, and wait a second before you reach for the next one.

6. Get yourself in the habit of working out. Some people enjoy exercise more than others, and until you get into the swing of it, you may dread it. Find a routine that suits you, and force it into your schedule until it becomes as second-nature as brushing your teeth every morning. Once you adapt, you’ll find that you don’t like going a day without getting a workout in.

7. Take the long way home. If possible, ride your bike to work or when you run errands that don’t require hauling cargo. The trip there and back will give you some good exercise and can also provide you with a great way to relax and unwind as your day progresses. If it’s a long distance to your job, hitch a ride home with a coworker and leave the bike there for another day.

Make these positive changes and you will lose weight! Once you’ve done that, stick to the healthy habits, in order to keep that weight off for good.

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