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When you have diabetes, you may say to yourself “what do I do?” Finding out that you have diabetes can be a strange thing, because while you realize that you need to manage it, you don’t really know what is involved. Here are some ways you can do what you need to do in order to take care of your diabetes.

First, you need to spend time with your doctor. This is not necessarily at the time that he tells you have diabetes, because you will likely be in shock. You need to take the time to really talk to your doctor about what is going on with you. You need to know what diabetes is, how it affects your body, and how your body is already affected. You need to know what your doctor thinks is the best treatment, as well.

However, your doctor should not be the end of your knowledge about diabetes. You can do your own research about what you need to do to take care of yourself, and you can even research the information the doctor has given you. If you find conflicting information, make sure you talk to your doctor about it so there is no confusion.

You need to get the proper supplies. Supplies are something every diabetic has to have. You can see about getting discounts directly from the supplier or pharmaceutical company, and the doctor can sometimes give you free samples. You will need a glucose monitor, testing strips, insulin or oral pills and possibly syringes. These are things you must have in order to deal with your disease; you cannot get by without them, so it is of the utmost importance that you are able to secure these items. If not, speak to your doctor.

Next, you need to talk to other diabetics. They can give you “the skinny” on what you need to know. They understand what you are going through since they are there themselves, and they can help you with moral support and ideas that you cannot get anywhere else. Not only that, but you can also give people ideas as you become more knowledgeable about diabetes yourself.

Start exercising and eating right. One of the things about diabetes that people tend to dislike is lifestyle adjustment. However, think about this: would you really make some changes that improve your life, or would you rather stay the same and start suffering some of the major complications of diabetes, including loss of limbs, blindness and heart attacks? You need to start eating a healthy diet and you need to start exercising. You don’t have to turn into a bodybuilder overnight, but you do need to start making changes. Exercise and healthy eating change the way your body processes sugar, which can improve your health and make your insulin needs different. Some have even reversed type 2 diabetes by making these changes.

Diabetes is a disease that lasts a long time; for some it lasts a lifetime. Take the time to make sure that you handle it right so you can live a happy, long time.

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