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People are just so busy today with work, family, appointments and more. You will hear them tell you that they just don’t have time to lose weight. The fact is that their hectic schedule actually is in their favor if weight loss is what they desire. That constant movement is great exercise after all! A few simple changes in their lives, or yours, will ensure that the pounds come off in no time, so read on to find out more.

Whenever you have a break at work, you want to re-energize yourself. Most people think that means hitting the break room and having a coffee or sitting around and chatting with others. If you really want to get your energy back, get up and get moving! Take the fire escape downstairs, walk around the building a few times and then take it back upstairs. Go for a walk around your floor and don’t stop to chat. Drink a bottle of water to rehydrate your brain and your body. Have a healthy snack such as some snap peas to get your blood sugar up. All of these things will not only perk you back up and get you ready to get back to work, but also help you lose weight. Encourage others to join you and you can do your “work out” together!

The biggest temptation at work is always the fast food nearby. A plate of fries with ketchup seems like heaven when work is getting you down. The easiest way to resist this temptation is by bringing healthy snack options with you to work. For example, leave a container of nuts on your desk to snack on when you feel the need. Even if they are salted and roasted, they will be a better choice than potato chips! Bring your lunch as well and include one treat, be it a homemade cookie or bag of buttered popcorn. That will make you excited to eat the lunch you brought, but be sure to eat the treat last as a reward.

Small bouts of exercise can be just as effective as an hour-long session, if not more so. Whenever you are waiting for something, be it at the doctor’s office or while your child is at soccer practice, get some exercise in. You can go to a store and just walk the aisles, or go for a jog around the block. Try to forego taking your car as much as possible, walking instead. Every time you make the choice to get exercise instead of taking the easy route will be a few more pounds being dropped, so think of it that way.

The best way to begin the changes necessary to start losing weight and feeling great is to take each of these tips one by one and implement them. For example, a good habit takes two weeks to form, so give yourself two weeks to adapt per tip. Within a few months, you will be looking better than ever and feeling great, too.

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