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Sure, you want to lose weight right now, but you also want to keep it from coming back! Adopt the following healthy habits and learn to make weight loss a permanent phenomenon!

1. Enjoy lots of water. Not only does water keep you from feeling hungry all the time, which is especially important when you’re trying to lose weight, it will help clean out your system and regulate your metabolism. As an added bonus, drinking plenty of water will do wonders for your complexion!

2. Take up the habit of walking. A brisk mile or so after dinner is an excellent way to burn-off calories and work yourself into better shape. Start out with a short distance and increase it as you get stronger. If ever you’re tempted by a decadent dessert or second helping, excuse yourself quickly and go for that walk!

3. Make fruits and vegetables your primary foods. Almost no one gets the recommended daily amounts of fruits and veggies, despite how good they are for you. For this reason, and because they will help you lose weight with their low calorie count and metabolic influence, make them a part of every single meal.

4. Avoid saturated fats, sugar and sodium. All three of these will make weight loss impossible and they’re not good for you anyway. Read the list of ingredients on everything you buy and make a point of selecting foods that don’t contain these things or anything processed.

5. Set small and regular goals. Work within a week’s time or less to keep meeting your goals and staying on track. Giving yourself a month to reach a certain number is way too long to really stay in control. That much time may also give you “wiggle” room where you think it’s okay to splurge on something because you have the whole month to make up for it!

6. Keep a journal. Experts agree that this is your single most effective tool for weight loss, particularly when you are managing long-term goals. Track what you eat and what you weight and examine the cause and effect of everything you do. Refer back to a successful week when your play goes off course.

7. Maintain an upbeat attitude along with healthy habits. Staying motivated is crucial to meeting your goals, as is having a positive outlook. Many people turn to food when they feel down and discouraged; if you keep up a good attitude, you won’t be using food for all the wrong reasons.

8. Never get on the fad diet bandwagon. These things are down right bad for you and most often have the yo-yo effect, making them completely ineffective for long-term weight loss. Formulate a healthy plan and combine it with a smart life style and you will see lasting results!

Maintaining a healthy weight is about more than just temporary dieting, it’s about changing the way you think and your entire lifestyle! Use the above tips to reach your weight loss goals and to keep from putting the weight back on.

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