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The strictures placed on the life of a diabetic by this chronic disease can cause discouragement. You are hemmed in by rules and needs different from the lives of non-diabetics. You have to keep a careful awareness of what you eat and when, of your blood sugar and often blood pressure. You can’t go out and enjoy yourself in a carefree way. You feel tethered to your illness. There are certain facts a diabetic has to accept in order to be healthy, but they need not take away the enjoyment of life. Here are some tips on how to deal with diabetes effectively without feeling discouraged by it.

Try to learn more about diabetes as a medical condition. Read the literature that is readily available online, from the library, or from your doctor’s office. Being more fully informed can give you a better sense of being in control, rather than that you are being controlled. Diabetes is a disease of the endocrine system. It causes you to be insulin resistant, so that your pancreas is unable to function effectively.

There are many ways you can mitigate this condition, and help your body function normally more easily. The main way is by controlling your diet. This may seem a bother, but playing by these rules will actually make your life a lot easier. By following dietary rules, you will be able to have a more stable blood sugar, without high or low glycemic spikes. This results in a greater feeling of well being.

There is a litany of foods to eat or not eat, which may seem tiresome and unfair. But try to look at it in a positive way. By eating right you will put yourself on the path to a more normal and enjoyable life.

Because of poor circulation associated with diabetes, you are in danger of neuropathy, of your extremities, especially your feet, lacking the nourishment that comes from blood flow, and losing capacity to function. It is extremely important not to let this develop. It means a lot more suffering.
Take the measures your doctor advises to avoid neuropathy.

Get moderate exercise on a regular basis to boost circulation. Avoid tight-fitting shoes. Wash your feet every day, and give yourself a gentle foot massage with arnica oil. Keep your toenails trimmed. Avoid all stresses to your feet.Again, taking these measures will make your life more enjoyable, and avoid debilitating pain and suffering.

Practicing yoga with a group can be a good, gentle form of exercise to increase your fitness. Doing it with a group will help keep you motivated.
Also, you can arrange a daily short walk with a friend or family member. You can enjoy a nice chat while giving your body the exercise it needs.

Stress causes your body to malfunction. Stress runs counter to the body’s natural processes of life. A relaxed, optimistic feeling helps the body function well.

Your medication is your friend. It helps keep you from difficulties and suffering. Be diligent in taking medication and testing your blood sugar, and your life will go more smoothly.

Diabetics who have followed these rules, especially if they also lose weight, can often reverse the decline associated with diabetes, and even overcome diabetes altogether.

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