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Losing weight is a crucial component to staying healthy and living a more balanced and fulfilled life. It’s never too late to start incorporating healthy decisions into your lifestyle. Here are ten easy tips to start losing weight today!

1. Walk more

It can be as easy as planning an extra ten minutes to fit in a daily walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, but walking is one of the best ways to get fit at any weight. For thousands of years, our ancestors roamed the earth hunting and gathering food. Our bodies are designed to walk for long periods of time and walking is the easiest and healthy way to start incorporating physical activity into your life.

2. Eat more whole grains

The simple sugars found in white bread, white rice and other processed carbohydrates are rapidly digested in the system. Whole grains, whole wheat products and dense grains are more challenging to digest. This means that you will get more energy from the foods you eat and also not have “carbo coma” after eating carbs. Switching to whole grains and brown rice is a simple way to eat more healthfully.

3. Eat raw fruits and veggies

Eating raw fruits and vegetables means that you’re getting the greatest amount of nutrients from your vegetables. So, even if you’re not eating the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables each day, you can still get the most from what you do eat. Because the fruit is uncooked, it is more challenging for the body to break down, which is healthier for you.

4. Try fasting once or twice a week

Research has shown that Intermittent Fasting is an excellent and cost-efficient way to lower your weight in a relatively short amount of time. Simply cut back on meals or skip a day of food to see the benefits. Fasting has anti-aging and cardiovascular benefits in addition to weight loss. But, pick a fasting regimen that you can stick to. If you start eating normally again, your weight will only return to its previous condition.

5. Buy smaller plates and bowls

Studies have shown that people who own smaller plates and bowls generally eat smaller portions. As many of us were taught as children to eat what’s on our plates, we tend to eat a full plate of food if it’s in front of us. Likewise, we may not go for second helpings if we use smaller-sized plates and bowls.

6. Try using chopsticks instead of silverware

If you’ve cooked up a delicious Asian dish, you may want to use a fork or spoon to eat it, but try eating the Asian way: with chopsticks. Using chopsticks will limit the amount of food you consume in each bite and force you to eat more slowly. If you’re having a Western-style dish, try cutting it up into small bites and use chopsticks to eat it with.

7. Drink more water

Water is the single-most beneficial substance we can put in our bodies. It nourishes our cells and leaves us feeling hydrated, ready to exercise and less full. Instead of drinking high-calorie sodas or juices, try drinking water or tea instead. Your skin and figure will thank you.

8. Track your progress

By measuring your weight and amount of exercise each day, you’ll see how much you’ve improved over time. This will help you stick with your weight loss goal. If you track your progress, you’ll also be forcing yourself to admit to your failings. If you do fall off the horse, no need to fret, just get back on again. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a good figure.

9. Eat more fish

Invest in your body; purchase high-quality, fresh fish to eat instead of red or white meat. Fish contains a number of beneficial vitamins including B vitamins and omega fatty acids. If you have access to sushi-grade fish in your area, try consuming it as sashimi. Simply slice the fish cutlet into 1/2″ strips and eat with a bit of brown rice, dipping the fish and rice in soy sauce, pickled ginger or wasabi. This is one of the healthiest ways to eat. It’s packed with nutrients and has little to no fat.

10. Find unconventional ways to exercise

From simply walking in place as you watch TV, to reminding yourself to stretch every time you get off the couch, if you find unconventional ways to exercise you can incorporate exercise into your life without feeling like you’ve had a strenuous workout. These little exercises may not feel like much, but the impact they can have on your body over time is huge.

Using this guide, you can make a few simple changes to lose weight. It doesn’t have to be a crazy, impossible process, but rather something that’s easy and fun. If you make exercising and proper nutrition fit into your life, you’ll get into shape without having to worry.

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