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Diabetes is serious. However, if you have diabetes and think about it realistically and positively, you can continue to live a full life. To do that, however, if you’re like most people you may need to lose weight. Use these smart tips to manage your diabetes in a more effective way by addressing your weight.

Doctors have found that even a weight drop of about 10 to 15 pounds is enough to significantly help someone with type 2 diabetes. Did you know that the fat in your body is fed by blood vessels? That means that you need more insulin to handle the sugar that is in your system. Your body may not be producing adequate insulin because it has not factored in the fat in your body. By just cutting down the fat through exercise and diet, your sugar levels become more normal and your insulin needs can be met by your body without the help of medication.

To lose weight, you are going to need to eat the proper diet. There is not one specific diet for those with diabetes, but they need to eat sensibly. If you’re honest with yourself you know what kinds of foods you should be eating. If you have no idea what food to eat, you may need to sit down with a dietician or nutritionist and come up with an eating plan that makes sense for you. You need to add more fiber to your diet, as fiber tends to help sugar be released more slowly into your blood stream, which helps avoid spikes of sugar in the blood and adverse diabetic reactions.

Next, you need to set up some kind of exercise routine. This does not mean you need to race to the gym and get buff. Rather, it means you need to get your body moving. Exercise encourages circulation, which is a major problem for diabetics. Not only that, but the contraction of your muscles when you exercise pushes glucose, or sugar, into the cells that need it to function. Therefore, the sugar is out of your blood, which means that your diabetes is being better managed. Your insulin needs may drop.

Sleep enough. Enough sleep is good for diabetes generally, as studies have shown that people who get less than six hours of sleep have worse diabetes symptoms. But even more than that, sleep also affects weight. Research has proven that there is a connection between less sleep and weight gain, so be sure to get the recommended seven to eight hours every night.

Talk to your doctor regularly. If you are doing the things this article suggests, your medication needs may change. Tell your doctor what you are doing, and ask for tips. Your doctor will likely be happy that you are taking steps to lose weight.

While losing weight may not eliminate diabetes for you, you will soon realize that these lifestyle changes are helping you to look and feel better about yourself. You can lose weight for diabetes, but you can look good for no reason at all!

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