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Losing weight is difficult, we all know that, but putting it on sure is easy! Read over the following 10 ways we’re putting it on and see if you can’t relate, and then make the necessary changes that will help you drop a few pounds.

1. Advertising. Not only do advertisers make bad food look really good, the label makes it seem like it’s good for you too! Using phrases like “all natural” or “baked, not fried” on a bag of chips may ease your conscience, but it does nothing for your waistline.

2. Stress. Our daily lives our filled with stress and unfortunately; we tend to eat more of our daily bread because of it. Stress also creates a significant imbalance with your hormones and that will drive you straight to the fridge every time.

3. The microwave! The convenience of modern food is irresistible, but the ingredients in most of it only contribute to the national weight problem and probably yours. Why go through all of the trouble to produce a healthy, well-balanced meal when you can get one out of the microwave in six minutes or less?

4. Time. One of the most popular excuses for weight gain is not having the time to eat right, be it because of work, school or all the errands one has to run. Today’s society is constantly on the move and too busy to put healthy food on a plate, so they take wrapped up in a sesame seed bun or crunchy, deep-fried taco shell!

5. Money. The costs associated with eating high-quality organic food is outrageous and beyond the means of the average American family. This is a national tragedy on all levels: people who are poor don’t eat well, their health suffers and they have no insurance to take them to the doctor’s office.

6. Psychology. Most of us are conditioned to reach for comfort foods under different psychological circumstances, adding to our waistlines in unbelievable numbers. People lean on food in the worst ways and that makes weight loss doubly challenging!

7. Habit. Believe it or not, some people don’t even realize they’re eating! Reaching for a snack is such an integrated part of our existence that we do it without a second thought, ignoring all the fat, calories and sodium that lead to unhealthy weight gain and clogged-up arteries.

8. Kids! Although this is a poor excuse for weight gain, it is understandable: you feed your kids mac and cheese or chicken nuggets and don’t take the time to fix yourself a salad or other decent meal. Millions of moms and dads do it every day and it shows!

9. The Internet? Try eating a well-balanced meal in front of your computer, it’s next to impossible! Absorbed in work, games or socializing, we have let the web become the focus of the meal and not the food. This obviously leads to poor choices and an abundance of unnecessary calories.

10. The food pyramid. How many servings of vegetables are you supposed to be eating every day? Typically, it’s an absurd amount that most people can’t relate to. And how often does it change? The well-intended guidelines are confusing at best and usually impossible to incorporate into a realistic lifestyle.

If this list reads like your life, take control. It’s the only way you will ever lose that weight!

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