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Obesity runs in my family. It’s not an excuse, but it is certainly the truth. I believe that I was pre-destined for obesity, partly due to genetics, and partly due to overindulgence. My mother, sister and I are all obese. Several of my aunts, uncles and cousins are also overweight. So, I am not alone in my plight. I have tried every diet you can name in the 53 years I have lived on this Earth, and not one of them has helped me to keep off any weight that I have lost.
I have finally decided to get serious about my weight problem. By getting serious, I am talking about weight loss surgery. I have not decided what type of surgery I want as of yet, but I am leaning toward the Lap Band, due to its less invasive nature, and easy reversal. I am wary of having my stomach stapled, or having most of it removed. I like that the lap band can be adjusted as needed, and requires minimal hospital stay.
The reasons I have for choosing weight loss surgery are many.The most persuasive to me have been the following:
Health Issues
I have several health issues that make weight loss surgery a wise choice for me. My BMI, or body mass index, is 58. This puts me well above the required BMI of 40 in order to qualify for the lap band. I have mild hypertension, sleep apnea, severe osteoarthritis in my hips, knees and hands. Most importantly, I feel that without this surgery, I will die at an early age due to complications from obesity.
I do not care much what others think of me. I still have rather high self-esteem. However, I do wish to improve my appearance mostly for myself, but for my husband and children as well. At 430 pounds, I am not as attractive as I once was. I believe that all people should take pride in how they look, and just do the best they can. For me, that means getting fit, and losing weight.
I used to be an active woman. As a young adult, I was an avid ice skater. I loved hiking, fishing, camping and yard work. All of my most-loved activities are now impossible. I walk with a cane due to my arthritis, which will most likely improve once I lose weight. Also, I would like to be able to join my family in their activities, instead of opting out with a headache, or other non-existent ailment.
As you can see, I have many valid reasons to consider weight loss surgery. I have many years ahead of me if I can lose the weight, and get healthy. Many people scoff at those who choose weight loss surgery, claiming that they are taking the “easy way out.” I disagree. Surgery is never easy, and those who undergo this type of surgery must still watch what they eat, and change their eating habits. I know it will not be an easy road, but it is a road I feel I must travel.

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