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It is very difficult for diabetics to follow many traditional diets since they have to be more careful about what they eat. While this means it is a bit more complicated to create a diabetic diet, that does not mean that it is impossible. If you are looking for advice that will help you create a solid plan, you should read on.

Eliminate all refined sugar from your diet. This is very hard to do because there are many things that contain sugar. Sauces, condiments, breads and lots of other things have hidden sugars. Do your research and find out what common words are that still translate to sugar. Dextrose, fructose and sucrose are all types of sugar. There are more, so you should be very careful. If the ingredients include brown sugar, agave nectar or raw sugar, those are much better options.

Do not drink fruit juice. This may be hard because drinking juice is almost synonymous with dieting, but you cannot indulge. Something as simple as a small glass of orange juice can have very bad effects on your body. Your glucose levels can raise rapidly, which can lead to seizures. If you must drink juice, look for those that are diet or extremely low in sugar. If those are not available, you should seek out something else to quench your thirst.

Closely monitor the amount of fruit you eat. This is something many people don’t know. The reality is that natural sugars can be very dangerous when large amount of them are consumed. This does not mean that you cannot have any, but portion control is crucial. You should probably limit your fruit intake to just one piece a day. In addition, avoid fruits that are extremely high in sugar like bananas. You should also avoid dried fruits because many of them have added sugar.

Be careful about the snacks you select. Many times, low calorie snacks and those that have reduced fat contain more sugar than normal. This is because the manufacturers want to make them more palatable to the average consumer. This is when it becomes vital to read every part of the nutrition label. You need to find snacks that are healthy without a lot of added sugar. Wheat crackers, tortilla chips and popcorn are healthy options for diabetics.

Forgo meat sometimes, and look for other sources of protein. It is common to have meat on your plate, but this adds lots of saturated fat to your diet. You need protein, but the fat is not something that is good for you at all. Try having beans, lentils or tofu as the protein component on your plate every once in a while. Not only will this reduce your fat consumption, but it will also give you a bit of variety.

It does not have to be a long process to create a diabetic diet plan. While it may be a bit different than traditional diet plans, the basics are very similar. The idea is to watch your calorie and fat content while limiting your intake. Follow the tips above, and you will see how simple it is.

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