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So you spent nine months gaining extra weight, but now the baby is here and it is time to get rid of those extra pounds. Chances are good that if you were a “gym rat” before you became pregnant, you will not want to leave your little one long enough to go to the gym anymore. So you might be wondering how exactly you can workout without having to spend any time away from your baby, and the answer is simple. Include your baby in your workouts, by focusing on activities that you can do together. This article will give you some great ideas for incorporating your new little bundle of joy, into reclaiming your pre-bundle of joy body.

Whether you like to walk, jog or run there is a stroller for you! There are strollers that are specially made for parents who intend to take more than an occasional stroll. These strollers are beneficial because they are specifically designed with you, the jogger or runner in mind. There are usually features such as extra absorbent shocks, special tires and adjustable bars for ultimate comfort to you and the baby. Running with the wrong type of stroller can lead to injuring yourself or the baby. Do your research into which stroller would be ideal for your fitness routine, to ensure that you get the maximum results desired.

If going on bike rides was an activity you enjoyed before the baby came, there is no reason not to continue now that he or she is here. There are many different ways that you can include your baby on your bike rides. There are baby trailers with wheels that hook onto the back of your bicycle and drag the baby behind you. Of course there is a mechanism to strap your baby in, and they usually include shields to protect your little one from the elements. If you do not feel comfortable having your little one in tow that far behind you, there are baby seats you can use as well. These seats attach to your bike right behind your own seat so your little one is nice and close. No matter which option you choose, you always want to make sure your baby is wearing a helmet so their little head is protected at all times.

There are many great DVDs and games that can give you an excellent workout right in your living room. Gaming systems offer many different physical activity games such as yoga, simulated sports, dancing, boxing and any other form of exercise you can think of. This takes it one step further than the DVDs by usually allowing you to track your progress in real time. DVDs are highly effective but much less interactive.

Maintaining your fitness after your pregnancy is important. Luckily, there are many different ways that you can incorporate your little one into your fitness routine. Apply the advice from this article, and you and your bundle of joy will be bonding while you shed those extra pounds.

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