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Reaching Weight Loss Success: You CAN Do It!

We have all tried a million and one diets, cheated, failed and given up only to start the whole tiring process over again. Stop with the crazy diets and start adding sensibility to your thinking! Weight loss isn’t just an eight week program, it’s a lifestyle and a mindset. Change your way of thinking and finally reach your weight loss goals.
1. Make it a life-plan, not just a diet. Achieving your ideal weight involves a whole lot more than just stocking your freezer with cardboard boxes, filled with so called healthy and low-cal “meals”. Examine your lifestyle and habits and change anything that may work against your efforts. Do you eat emotionally? Socially? How do your hobbies influence your weight? Look at everything you do and take control of the non-productive and counterproductive elements that are keeping your weight up.
2. Keep a weight loss journal. Study after study proves the value of putting it down on paper; become fully immersed and committed to the process of losing weight by logging all that you eat every day. Don’t omit even a tidbit of cheating and you will have an excellent source of reference to guide you to permanent success.
3. Weigh yourself frequently. Not only can you measure your progress and motivate yourself, you can also catch yourself quickly if something isn’t working out as you intended. Make a promise to yourself to at least never go up on the scale and you’ve got a great platform for achieving your ultimate goal. Stay on top of your weight to see the immediate cause and effect of everything you are doing to lose pounds.
4. Join forces with a friend or relative. Challenges are so much easier to face when we have someone by our side; pick your partner wisely and motivate each other towards success. Keep each other in check whenever temptation strikes and reinforce the commitment you both have by working out together and weighing in side by side. Make sure your partner in weight loss also maintains a journal.
5. Realize that after eight is much too late! By the end of the day people become tired and less apt to make the smart decisions that contribute to continued weight loss success. These choices can ruin an entire day of eating well and working out! Avoid eating anything after eight o’clock periods; have a glass of water if your hearing rumbles from your midsection and reinforce your positive action by visualizing yourself on the scale.
6. Dine out with discipline. It’s nearly impossible to avoid restaurants entirely, but dining out is a major contributor to weight loss failure. Make your selections carefully and plan ahead to save half your entree in a to-go box. Ask for all condiments being locally or don’t have them at all and specifically request that a bread basket not be brought to your table. As tempting as all of the special fixings are in a restaurant, they are equally evil to your diet.
7. Regulate metabolism with plenty of sleep. Scientists have clearly established a connection between poor sleep or sleep deprivation and an imbalance hormonal system that propagates excessive eating. If you don’t get a good night sleep, you will feel an overwhelming desire to eat a lot, it’s plain and simple! Dedicate yourself to healthy sleeping and set yourself up for shinning success the following day.
Break free from the insanity of constant, crazy dieting and learn how to approach food with common sense and self-control; it’s truly the only path to permanent and long-term weight loss success there is!

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