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Losing weight can be a very expensive process. The meal plans cost a fortune and the price of healthy organic foods is astronomical, so you’ve got to manage your weight with smarts and discipline. Here are six ways you can do that.

1. Reduce your portion sizes. This instantaneously saves money and cuts calories! Measure your meals so that they match the recommended calories you need to consume and don’t go over the amount, even by a fraction. Calories and pennies can both add up very quickly! Have a glass of water when you have finished your moderate portion so that you feel completely full and are not tempted to exceed your regulated amounts.

2. Don’t eat at restaurants. Another huge waste of money and huge source of unnecessary calories! The mark-up on food at your favorite diner is outrageous and everyone knows restaurant food contains far more calories than the good stuff you make in your own kitchen. Stop eating out and start saving more money and making weight loss much more achievable.

3. Get rid of your junk food and stop buying it. It’s expensive to buy those neatly packaged little cakes and brownies, or so-called “calorie packs” that will help you eat less. All of these foods contain an abundance of unhealthy chemicals, sugar and salt. Throw them all away, including anything stashed in your office desk or the glove box in your car and resist the urge to buy them in the future.

4. Avoid emotional eating. Many people do this without even thinking about it, and it can ruin everything you’ve worked so hard for instantly. Stop and consider why you are reaching for something and if you really need it. If you are upset, take a walk or call a friend. Never go grocery shopping when you’re feeling down either, as you are bound to fill the cart with indulgences that pack on the pounds.

5. Always sit down for meals at a set table. Munching in front of the television is such a mindless activity that you don’t realize how much you’re eating. The same is true when you eat straight out of a box and can’t really see what’s been taken out. Set your table and eat with deliberation so that you can control content, quantity and calories.

6. Plan for meals way ahead of time. Create a smart menu and shop for the ingredients where you find them on sale. Make foods that can be frozen and quickly reheated and make them in bulk. This will make shopping and losing weight a cost and time effective process. When you see good foods listed at remarkable savings, stock up on them and incorporate them into your weight loss menu.

Spending half your pay check to lose weight is discouraging. Change your way of thinking and living so that weight loss comes more naturally and at a much lower cost. Use the advice from this article to get started on smarter eating and bigger savings.

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