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More Americans than ever before are struggling with their weight. In fact, obesity has become a nation-wide epidemic leading to many serious, preventable health problems. If you are sick and tired of being out of shape and are ready to lose some excess flab, this is the perfect article for you. No matter how many pounds you need to lose or how many failed exercise and diet plans you have embarked on in the past, with hard work, disciple and effort you can slim down and successfully reach all of your weight loss goals.

To successfully lose weight, you must learn to eat a proper diet. Although it is important to avoid consuming junk food and dining out at fast food restaurants, it is equally important to avoid starving yourself. Crash diets are terrible for your health and ineffective at maintaining healthy weight loss. You want to eat four to six meals every day. Concentrate on eating a lot of lean protein from foods such as egg whites, chicken breasts, very lean cuts of meat and skim milk. Eat as many vegetables as you can. Fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables and canned vegetables are all great. When it comes to carbohydrate consumption, you want to eat slow-digesting complex carbs such as whole grain bread and oats. Avoid white bread and simple sugars. Cut down on the saturated fat you consume, but eat a moderate amount of unsaturated fats. The essential fatty acids found in fatty fish and nuts are great for your overall health, but remember to enjoy them in moderation. To reach all of your weight loss goals the bottom line is that you need to burn off more calories than you take in on a daily basis.

Do not make the mistake of ignoring the beverages that you drink. Soda pop, fruit juice and alcohol are loaded with calories. When attempting to lose weight, drink plain old water. Naturally free of calories and great for your overall health, water can help you to reach your ideal weight. Drink up to a gallon of water per day if possible, but don’t force yourself to drink so much water that you begin to feel sick.

Although your daily diet is of paramount importance, it is also extremely important to exercise. Performing aerobic exercise four to six days per week is a terrific way to ensure that you meet all of your weight loss goals and achieve the body of your dreams. To ensure that you stick with your aerobic workouts, try to find an exercise that you really enjoy. Dancing, yoga, team sports, bike riding, roller skating, hiking and jogging are all terrific exercise options.

Keep a daily diet and exercise journal. Studies show that dieters who keep a journal are more successful than those who do not. Write down the exercises you perform and the foods that you eat.

Losing weight is definitely not easy, but you can do it. Follow the tips from this article and believe in yourself. Good luck!

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