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It is amazing how much losing weight is just like quitting any habit you may have. In fact, the steps used to quit smoking are just as applicable to changing your lifestyle to lose weight as anything else. This article details how you can quit being fat by using the steps smokers do to stop their addiction. It is a novel approach you likely haven’t tried before, but it will change your life for the better.

The first step is to set the date your life will change. For a smoker, that means the day they throw out their remaining cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters. For you, that means throwing out junk food, laziness and excuses. It is the day you will ensure your fridge and pantry are full of healthy options and when the word “no” will become your best friend. Before that date you will need to prepare, so make sure it is at least a month in the future. That leaves you time to get everything in order before D day.

The next step is to create a diet diary. This will not only contain everything you are currently eating, but also how you feel before, during and after each meal, as well as any exercise you are getting and any health issues you face. This will show you when you choose to eat poorly, what it does to your mind and body, and how you need to change your work-out regimen. You should continue keeping this diary as you change your lifestyle so you can monitor your progress. You should notice your notes tend to become more positive, discussing how great you feel and how healthy you are becoming. You can also notice when temptation is at its worst so you can change your habits to avoid it.

Speaking of temptation, just like for smokers, those changing their lifestyle to lose weight will have plenty of cravings. In fact, if you eat enough junk food, you may even have withdrawal symptoms. Your diet diary is going to help you pinpoint the situations which affect you the most. For example, if lunchtime at work leaves you wanting the junk food you see your coworkers eating, don’t eat near them. If you love to eat potato chips while watching TV, switch instead to popcorn (made in an air popper and topped with a small amount of real butter or ghee.) Figure out how you can avoid the situations which tempt you, or how you can change them so that you have power over them.

Motivation is key to smokers and people losing weight alike. For a smoker, putting photos of their loved ones everywhere they go becomes a visual reminder of why they have to quit. For someone who wants to shed pounds, photos of when they were healthy and trim, or of celebrities who are fit, can be great motivation. Keep one in your wallet, at your desk and especially on the fridge to catch you at all the moments when you are down. You can include other photos, such as of an insulin needle, a gravestone, or anything else which will remind you of what failing could potentially lead you towards.

Smokers and people who are losing weight truly have a similar battle to fight. Temptation, stress and doubt can put them off track for good. This article has given you the tools you need to win the war, so start the battle today!

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