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Everyone knows that to lose weight one must be active. A lot of people don’t know, however, that you have to change up how you exercise to get the best results. Read along and you’ll see how you can lose weight faster by changing up your exercise routine.

Try to have a competition with yourself when you exercise. See if you can beat your record for doing a certain number of reps. After you start to get a little stronger and your body becomes used to working out, you’ll see a big increase in what you’re able to do. This can really be a motivator because it makes you want to keep doing better and better. Keep track of your progress carefully and when you think you’ve reached your maximum try to push it just a little further if you feel safe doing so.

Gradually increase how much weight you’re able to lift. You can do some serious damage to yourself if you’re too ambitious. People may think that because they are strong they can handle more weight than most. While this may be true, you’re just going to make it to where your body takes longer to recover after a workout. Get to a point where you feel the burn from added weight, but not to where you’re totally exhausted after just a few reps.

Do a different kind of a workout every time you go to exercise. One day you could be working on your legs, and the next day you could work on your chest. If you only concentrate on one area of your body, then you won’t be losing much weight throughout your whole body. Plus, if you are only sticking to one area then you’re going to get fatigued a lot faster because you’re not giving that area of your body enough time to heal and build muscle.

You may think that it’s a good idea to exercise your hardest every day of the week. That can be true, but generally you need to take a break. If you work out two days in a row, then you need to take one or two days off. You don’t want to get too burnt out and you also need your body to be able to take it easy from time to time. Gaining muscle happens when you slightly tear your muscles and that makes them grow back stronger. Muscle weighs less than fat, so you want to gain muscle while losing weight so you need to take breaks.

While it may seem like a great idea to do the same kind of exercise day in and day out, this won’t be beneficial to you. Weight loss will happen if you take the advice above and put it into your routine. Don’t think that you’ll be able to shed a bunch of weight by doing pushups every morning. You have to make sure things are varied so that weight loss can occur for your whole body.

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