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Lots of people would wish to get some exercise. Consequently, it is advisable to examine several different alternative routes to get some exercise, and choose the most promising methods to investigate and then to try. When you choose to begin, this is especially necessary.

The following are 5 approaches to get some exercise that ought to be considered:

1. Your Netflix account. The way that this works is search for things like, dance, yoga, Pilates, and even plain old exercise. Favorable points relating to this are you are already paying for it and there are so many different devices you can get Netflix on that you will have no excuses for your behavior. The primary drawbacks are a lot of the content seems to be from the eighties and have only 3 star reviews so you may be discourage by the way it is treated like blockbuster movies that didn’t make the cut.

2. Your Xbox, oh yes that expensive device you or your kids play video games on now has exercise routines. So how exactly does this work? Well, you will need an attachment call the Kinect. The Kinect is an awesome device that is like a camera with infrared that will your body and track your movements.

Positive points are that you will be working out in a very precise way. The camera can track if you are slacking off. The negative part is The camera can track if you are slacking off! Ha!

Seriously, there are really fun games that allow you to get some movement in so try it..

3. The Wii Fit Series including the Wii Balance board. Just how this works is this is another video gaming system but it is cheaper than the Xbox and may be more your speed. You won’t have a camera staring you down for instance. Points in favor are it is more kid friendly and is stacked with super cute graphic that anyone could enjoy. Points opposing are it is very low impact.

You may be more amused than you are sweating.

4. Work out during commercial breaks of television shows. In this particular method you can be a couch potato all you want until you show goes to break then you have to get up and walk around, do jumping jacks, toe touches, ect… The positive part of this is you are getting some movement in and you will have fun. The bad part is you may look silly to any unsuspecting guest near by and they may even try to talk you out of it but be strong.

5. Dance like nobody’s looking!. Illustrations of this are all around us! Ever wonder how singers dances for songs come about? Well usually some professional dance will just put the music on and see what their body wants to do!.

Advantages are nobody is looking! You may not be a pro dancer but again you just want some exercise so get up make a dance for your favorite sing. Negatives include you will feel so silly.

Before starting to get some exercise, it would be far better investigate and consider all these approaches well.

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