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Losing weight doesn’t have to be a constant and grueling sacrifice. Check out the following simple ways you can adjust your habits that will add up to consistent weight loss.

1. Dispose of all the unhealthy food in your home. Get rid of any food containing a lot of fat, sodium, sugar and processed ingredients. Don’t hold anything back, even for your favorite snacks or something you paid well for. If you’re going to lose weight, you need to commit to it whole-heartedly.

2. Shop for groceries with a purposes. That purpose is to get only the healthy items on your grocery list and avoid the aisles that feature junk and processed foods. Retailers set you up to fail every time when it comes to eating well and losing weight! Walk right past the brightly colored displays for fudge sauce and Twinkies and keep yourself busy in the fresh produce section.

3. Have water before every meal. This is not a gimmick offering false promises: water will take the edge off of your appetite and you will eat less! Try having a glass right about the time the smell or thought of food really peaks your interest and you will be able to exercise much more self-control with portion size, as well as dessert.

4. Chew your food well and eat slowly and methodically. Most people don’t chew thoroughly and they eat too fast. These are bad habits that may play a role in digestive ailments like heartburn and indigestion, but they will also put anyone trying to lose weight at a disadvantage. This is because you fool yourself into thinking you still need more food when you eat too fast, so slow down and enjoy!

5. Give up soda (completely.) No soda is any good for you and experts are now coming to the collective conclusion that it may seriously compromise your health, above and beyond the extra calories you take in. Stop drinking it in any form as you work toward weight loss and enjoy other things instead, like beneficial green tea or natural cranberry juice. Both of which will help your metabolic and immune systems.

6. Provide yourself with healthy alternatives for snacks. If you happen to be somewhere other than home or work when hunger strikes, you’ve got to be prepared. Anything else may see you waiting in the line at the convenience store with a quick bag of chips on your hand. Keep healthy, low-cal yummies with you at all times.

7. Go for a walk a few minutes after you finish a meal. This practice will help you work off calories and keep you in a healthy mind-set. As you enjoy your meal, think about your walk and how it can help you keep weight down. This should help you make better choices when it comes to eating the meal with less add-on like salad dressing, butter and salt. Deliberately moderate your portion sizes too, then take a brisk walk to emphasize your new goals in health and weight management.

Use these simple tips to keep yourself on target with your weight loss goals. Talk to your doctor too if necessary and make your health a top priority!

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