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The process of weight loss is very simple; if you burn up more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. That is fairly simple, and anyone ought to be able to do that, if they have some discipline and can follow a plan. So, here are some good ideas that won’t cost you an extra penny, unlike some of those high priced diet plans out there on the market.

The first step is to cut down on the portions that you eat when you eat your meals. If two eggs are the order of the day for breakfast, eat one. If for lunch, two sandwiches are your normal fare, eat one. And dinner you can cut down the portions accordingly, and start to eat less, or no meat.. Substitute fish and organic chicken instead.

Secondly, cut out all sugar and white flour. This means cakes, pies, donuts, tarts, and sticky buns. Sugar turns to alcohol before it goes through our liver, and we all know what flour and water makes. Sugar will put weight on us fast, and it is very addictive. We like sugary things for deserts and snacks in between meals.

Eat a dish of fresh peaches or pears for dessert after dinner and eat an apple for your in between meal snack. Cut the apple into little pieces with a paring knife and put it in a dish to eat, as it is easier to eat that way. It will hold you over until the next meal, and you will be getting all of those great nutrients and anti-oxidants. You know what they say about eating an apple a day.

Drink a lot of pure water. Water keeps us flushed out. Our bodies consist of about 70% water, and when we get depleted in that area, our cells don’t function as well. Water is the medium of transportation for our bodies, as wastes, poisons, and chemicals are all flushed out of us with water. Pure water means distilled water. That is the only kind of water that our bodies can use, as the kidneys purify any fluids that we receive into distilled water. Give our kidneys a real break and give them distilled water in the first place.

Get into some serious walking. You don’t really need to job, because that is real hard on your knees and ankles. Walking will do just fine. Work up to walking for 30 minutes a day, and if that is too far at first, start out with less and build up to it. Walking is one of the best exercises that we could ever do, and it is easy. You just have to take the time to do it.

Get a notebook and date each page as you go through it. Write down what you weigh each morning, and then keep track of what you eat, the portions, and what time you ate each meal that day. That will keep your mind occupied and it will also give you a sense of accomplishment.

Do this for 6 months, then reevaluate. You will be surprised at how well this will work.

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