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Diets are a dime a dozen; you’ve got to change the way you think about eating and exercise in order to achieve success with weight loss! Sure, you can count calories until you’re blue in the face, but real strides in weight loss are made when your whole outlook is devoted to the process. Read on for a few great ideas that you probably haven’t considered yet.
1. Do something fun and physical if you get bored. Boredom is a tiring experience and often just keeps us on the sofa or in front of a computer screen; rather than spending an hour yawning your way through, why not do something fun and beneficial to your weight loss efforts? Take your bicycle out for a spin, dust off the jogging shoes or bring your dog to the park. You could even replace boredom with vigorous household cleaning and get more accomplished with your efforts; whatever you do, don’t just sit there!
2. Add exercise to your television viewing, not food. Most of us have a few “must see” shows we watch regularly and while there’s nothing wrong with that, being sedentary for long stretches of time just isn’t good for our bodies or weight loss programs. Make good use of your TV time by putting an exercise bike or treadmill in front of it! Keep the yoga mat under the sofa for quick access and get in a few steps during that hysterical sitcom. Get creative and make these excellent habits a permanent part of your programming.
3. Never commit to a workout that you can’t stand doing. Forcing yourself through a routine that you despise will cause you to loathe exercising all together. Many people try to do this and end up throwing in the towel completely, even abandoning the healthy diet too. Find a fitness routine that you enjoy, such as water aerobics or dance and set yourself up for success!
4. Lower the temp in your home. Your body actually consumes more energy and burns more calories when there is a bit of a chill, plus you can reduce your utility bill! Keep it a little cooler and you will be more inclined to complete your workout routine and get things done around the house. When it’s warm, we tend to be less active; this tip can really give your weight loss efforts huge momentum!
5. Avoid eating alone. When nobody is watching, you might be more inclined to add unhealthy things to your plate like extra butter on the carrots or another dinner roll. Eating with somebody else actually improves posture right along with dietary intake! Enjoy the pleasure of someone’s company and be on your best behavior, then make such habits a permanent part of your weight loss arsenal no matter where you are or who is watching you!
There you have just a few ways to incorporate the weight loss mentality into other elements of life you probably hadn’t thought of. Every little bit helps (or hurts) so use these tips to propel your program to the forefront of your thinking at all times and achieve your desired goals in weight loss!

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